Voice FAQ

How can I get access to voice?

We’re currently in the process of rolling out voice to our players. If you're among the fortunate ones selected for the beta access, you'll be notified!

How does voice work?

To initiate a voice chat, a premium subscription is required along with the creation of a party. Creating a party can be done by clicking the plus symbol in a lobby or selecting 'Create party' at the top right of your screen.

Next, invite individuals to join your party, then select 'Join voice' to connect to the voice chat with them! Importantly, the subscription status of your friends doesn’t matter, as long as the party creator has an active subscription.

If needed, you can mute a party member by clicking on their name in the party and selecting the speaker symbol icon.

How can I change my settings?

Feel free to adjust your settings by clicking the settings icon at the top of the party window. Within this menu, you can modify your output devices, microphone, volumes, and hotkeys.

Can I use push to talk?

Absolutely! Towards the bottom of the voice settings menu, switch on 'Push to talk.' From there, you can customize the key bind you'd like to use.

Important to note - Push-to-talk functionality will only be active when the browser tab is in focus. For system-wide use, utilise the client.

Can my party use Voice beta?

During this rollout phase, the party leader must possess access for anyone in the party to use the voice beta. In case a party member has access but is not the leader, kindly recreate the party with them as the leader to test this functionality.

Can I change my hotkeys?

Within the voice settings menu, you have the option to customise the hotkeys for muting your microphone, muting the party, and activating push to talk.

Do I need to use the FACEIT client?

Voice beta works in the browser, but keep in mind that hotkeys will only work when the browser tab has focus. The client will additionally offer superior voice quality, reduced latency, and enhanced noise-cancellation features. Considering this, we strongly recommend downloading the FACEIT client before queuing up with your party!

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