PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup - win € and UC on FACEIT

FACEIT is launching a €10,000 PUBG MOBILE tournament in EMEA and global daily cups where you can earn UC!

Today, we are excited to launch our first collaboration with the PUBG MOBILE community with a €10,000 tournament in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, along with free, daily cups featuring a variety of formats to practice your skills while earning UC!

Earn your share of €10,000 in our first Challenger Cup for PUBG MOBILE!

Challenger Cup Format:

  • 16 single elimination qualifiers for multiple chances to advance
  • 3 Rounds per qualifier with a total of 7 maps
  • Tournaments administrated by experienced staff members to ensure a high-quality competition

The top 2 teams from each qualifier secure a spot in the Finals:

  • EMEA Qualifier 1– 6th August
  • EMEA Qualifier 2– 10th August
  • EMEA Qualifier 3– 13th August
  • EMEA Qualifier 4– 17th August
  • EMEA Qualifier 5– 20th August
  • EMEA Qualifier 6– 24th August
  • EMEA Qualifier 7– 27th August
  • EU Qualifier 1– 5th August
  • EU Qualifier 2– 12th August 
  • EU Qualifier 3– 19th August 
  • Turkey Qualifier 1– 8th August
  • Turkey Qualifier 2– 15th August
  • Turkey Qualifier 3– 26th August
  • Middle East and Africa Qualifier 1– 5th August
  • Middle East and Africa Qualifier 2– 12th August
  • Middle East and Africa Qualifier 3– 19th August

The top 32 teams will advance to the Finals on the 2nd — 3rd of September

  • All or nothing with one single elimination bracket
  • 2 Rounds with 6 Maps, each spanning over 2 days.

The top teams will compete for a total of €10,600!

  • 1st Place: €2,500
  • 2nd Place: €1,500
  • 3rd Place: €1,000
  • 4th Place: €800
  • 5th-8th Place: €400
  • 9th-16th Place: €200
  • 17th-32nd Place: €100

Earn PUBG MOBILE UC in our global daily tournaments!

We have created daily tournaments with rotating solo, duo, and squad formats to offer you a range of game modes where you can compete for FACEIT Points. You can exchange these for PUBG MOBILE UC or other prizes in our FACEIT Shop. Play in competitive matches against other aspiring players to gain experience, earn rewards, and compete in a high-quality environment without bots.

This is our first step into PUBG MOBILE, and we are excited to see the community’s reaction. If we can secure an active base of players, we are confident we can serve the community with future competitions in more regions as we continue to develop the ecosystem! 

Download our app to compete in our first tournament series, and let us know your feedback on:

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