Can I play my league match on another computer?

Generally, we recommend players use only their own PC to compete in League matches.


However, you can play your league match at a LAN center or another computer. If you are playing a League match from a popular LAN center or internet cafe then you should open a support ticket in advance of the match and link to information about the internet cafe. For example, linking to their website or listing their contact information.

If you plan to play a league match on another FACEIT player's computer, you need to submit a league ticket BEFORE the match linking to the player's FACEIT profile whose pc you will be playing on. You should also attach a picture of both players physically standing together holding a piece of paper with the date and time of the match on it.


We may request that players upload additional images at a later date in order to verify their identity.

If we are not notified in advance, you risk an account sharing ban and a match overturn. In general, playing on other player's private computer increases the risk of a false positive account sharing or evasion ban as your accounts are linked together. 

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