I believe a fake, scam, or malicious site is impersonating ESEA, what can I do?

Unfortunately, a number of phishing sites have emerged in our community in order to try and hijack accounts and steal player's Steam inventories. Due to the geography of their server hosting and ease of creation, attempts to pursue these from a legal standpoint have not been fruitful despite a significant effort from our team. 


Some indicators of these phishing / fake websites include:

  • These websites attempt to look exactly like our website but have spelling mistakes in their domain names.  Check the address bar before logging in to make sure you are actually on "https://play.esea.net"
  • ESEA will redirect you to a login page when you click our "Sign in" link or if you attempt to access the content you require a subscription for.  Most of these phishing sites will present you with a fake login page on every link on the website
  • ESEA will only present you with a download when you request one.  Most of these phishing sites will try to have you download malware just by visiting the website or on every link you click.

These links are spread through a variety of methods, such as fake giveaways on Twitch, paid ads impersonating our service on Google, Steam messages, and more.


However, you can help to have these removed. If you see a malicious ad like the following on Google, please select the dropdown:

  1. Select "Why this ad?"
  2. Click "Report this ad"
  3. Choose "An ad violates other Google Ads policies"
  4. Choose "Misleading content or scam"
  5. Fill out the remaining details with accurate and detailed information, such as "Impersonating play.esea.net" or "Phishing website pretending to be play.esea.net to steal credentials"

As a reminder, please only enter your password at https://play.esea.net and do not enter your ESEA credentials on any other website.  If it looks fake or feels weird, it probably is.

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