What is FACEIT Plus?

FACEIT Plus grants users access to some of the premium benefits we offer on FACEIT.

How do I purchase FACEIT Plus?

Go directly to your subscription settings, and click on 'Subscribe to Plus'.

Multiple packages are available including one month and 12 months, with different pricing points.

Please note: The subscriptions for 12 months must be paid in full upfront to obtain the reduced rate. The price per month for these subscriptions is what the overall price works out to.

The checkout screen displays the total price before any payment is withdrawn, taking into account any regional taxes. 

If you have a current premium subscription, you will need to wait for that subscription to expire before you can downgrade to a plus subscription.

What payment methods are available?

We offer a range of payment options, ranging from standard Credit/Debit card payments to things such as Bitpay and Skins.Cash.

For a full range of payment options, please contact our payment liaison company Xsolla for more information.


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