COD Mobile Team Creation Guide

In order to join a Tournament as a “Team”, you will need to do the following steps to create a full “Team” before signing up for the event.

In order to create a “Team”, you will need to navigate to the left corner of your FACEIT home page and click on “PLAY”.

On the left side, there will be a menu where you can see Tournaments, Hubs and Teams. If you are already in a “Team” or have created one already, you will see it displayed here. You are able to create additional “Teams” by pressing the “+” icon next to “Teams”. Please note that all “Teams” are game- specific. You will only see the “Teams” you are in for that specific game in the top left corner. If a “Team” was created for a different game title, you will need to remake it under CODM.

After clicking “Create Team” or the corresponding “+” icon, you will be prompted to select your Team name, Team tag, and under what game.

After creating your “Team”, you will be shown your newly created “Team page”. Here you can select the “Team profile photo” and add a “Team description”. Most importantly, you will be able to invite people to your “Team”.
In order to add new members to your “Team”, you will need to add them to your friends list on FACEIT by going to their profile and selecting to “add friend”. Afterward, you will be able to invite them to your “Team” by clicking on “Edit Team”, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Add members +”.

You will be able to then search for people in your friends list and invite them to your “Team”. The invited friends will get a notification and will also be able to join the “Team” from the aforementioned “Teams” section under the “Play” tab in the left side navigation.

Once you have all the required teammates for the event, including substitutes and coaches if applicable, you can sign up for the tournament. If your “Team” does not appear, please refresh your browser and if it is still not appearing, double check that the “Team” is made under the correct game that the tournament is for.

In order to join a new team, you need to leave your old one even if you are the only member of the team. You can leave a team by selecting the 3 dots on the right of “INVITE” and selecting to Disband / Leave the team.

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