How to Share a Replay Code

Replay codes in Overwatch 2 allow you to share / watch other peoples gameplay after the match has concluded. This allows you to rewatch your best plays, share highlights with friends or distribute to content creators so they can record footage from it.

We would love to have your replay codes from your FACEIT Overwatch 2 games so we can share them with the community as well as our approved Community Broadcasters so content can be made around your gameplay. You can submit your replay codes here.

You are able to access your replay codes by going to your “Career Profile” in-game.

Then go to “History” and select “Replays”.

On the right corner you will have an option to “Import” a replay. Once selected, you will be able to enter a replay code that someone has shared with you and can watch their replay.

If you would like to share your own replay, you are able to select the map you want to share.

Then click “Share” and a replay code will be generated for your match.

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