OW2 Tournament Join Guide

Two options to join a tournament:

There are two ways to sign up for an event on the FACEIT platform:

  • Invite your friends to a team for that individual event using invite links, which we will explain in this article.
  • Create a team, add all of your teammates as friends, invite them, and then you can sign up to multiple tournaments with the same page. A full guide to this process is available here.

In order to use subs and coaches, you must create a team. Not all tournaments allow subs or coaches, so please check the tournament rules and entry requirements.

Tournament Registration

Select the tournament you want to participate in and click “Join Tournament”.

You will instantly be prompted to invite people via a link or select a “Team”.

When joining, all you need to do is share the link with the players who you want on your squad. Please make sure that they all have the game linked and have met the entry requirements to participate. For a guide on how to connect your game account and FACEIT account click here.

You will see your squad's status on the tournament page. Players that meet the requirements and have joined, the squad will be marked as "Ready”. If they are marked as “Not Ready” they can see the requirements they are missing. The squad as a whole will also be marked as “Ready” or “Not Ready”. The requirements to be ready can be found on the same page next to the squad. We have more info on the tournament process including “Check Ins” here.

If players are already signed up for the event under their own “Team” or in their own squad, they are unable to accept your invite from the link. They will need to disband their “Team” before they can join your “Team”. Similarly, if you want to join another squad, you are required to disband / leave your squad before being able to accept the invitation.

If you want to sign up as a “Team”, you need to disband your squad and sign up to the event again as a “Team”.

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