Overwatch 2 FAQ

What is FACEIT?

We are the world’s leading competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer PvP games. We are providing players with a fresh new direction to competitive Overwatch with new unique products and content that will support the ecosystem in becoming more open, sustainable, rewarding and aspirational.

What events are on the platform?

We have already announced the OWCS circuit and more info can be found here. Stay tuned to our official Discord and socials for any future announcements!

What platforms are supported?

Only PC players are able to compete in Overwatch 2 events on FACEIT.

Skill requirements to participate?

There are none! Regardless of whether or not you are new to the platform or a seasoned veteran of Overwatch events, everyone is welcome. Please make sure you meet the entry requirements outlined in the specific event and you are good to go! You can find guides on how to link accounts and how to join tournaments can be found here.

What are FACEIT levels and what is my level?

FACEIT levels display your skill level on our platform. Each level is a division within our elo system, the higher elo, the higher level, the closer you are to our Challenger rank! We have a dedicated article explaining our elo system here! (link the OW2 elo system KB here)

How do I earn elo? 

Just compete in any of our competitive events! Not all events affect your elo but they are clearly marked as such. In events where your Elo is affected, you will gain elo for winning matches, and lose Elo for losing matches. You do not need to win any tournaments, just do your best and watch your progression after every match!

What is the best way to find teammates to compete with?

Your friends are more than welcome to join you on your FACEIT Overwatch 2 journey. However, if you don’t have a squad of a similar level, we have you covered!

We have made Discords for both players interested in the OWCS as well as for our Daily and WASB weekly events! There you can join our community, find similar players in our LFT channels as well as quickly access the latest information and support articles to help you!

Additionally, you will be able to directly offer suggestions and feedback to the teams responsible for the events!

FACEIT Overwatch 2 Discord: https://discord.gg/faceit-overwatch2

OWCS Discord: https://discord.gg/overwatchesports

How can I join a tournament or qualifier? 

Once your FACEIT account is ready and you have linked your Battle.net account, all you have to do is click join! We have made a detailed guide on this process here. If you require assistance regarding linking your Battle.net and FACEIT accounts please check out this post.

How does the map selection process work?

Server selection, map bans, map picks as well as side selection are all done on the FACEIT platform in the middle of the screen at the start time of a match. For more details regarding the process and examples check this article out. 

Do I need to make a custom lobby and invite players?

We are glad you asked! Nope, everything is automatic. All you need to do is Veto server locations, Maps and pick sides on the FACEIT platform and then accept your in-game invite from FACEIT. We have a detailed guide on the process here.

Will playing on FACEIT contribute towards my battlepass?

Yes! All your matches on FACEIT will contribute towards your battle pass the same as other Overwatch 2 game modes.

Can I endorse players as well as work towards my in-game achievements while playing on FACEIT?

FACEIT matches are independent from Overwatch 2 matchmaking games. In-game matches played on the FACEIT platform will not contribute towards in-game achievements or endorsement levels.

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