CS2 Hubs

Hubs on FACEIT allow users to join a Matchmaking community with different specifications to our usual free and premium queues. 

How to participate in a hub

To begin your journey of participating in a hub, the first step is to navigate to the hub dashboard page.

This page serves as a hub directory, displaying a comprehensive list of active hubs. It includes featured hubs and options to sort by various filters including most active and countries. 

Once you’ve found a hub you wish to join, click on the hub's name. In the centre of the screen, press 'Join Hub' after reading the queue specifics and join requirements.

How to create a hub

At the upper right corner of the hub dashboard, locate the 'Create' button to commence the hub creation process.

You will then need to create an organizer.

Once created, select the game and region and press 'Create'.

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