How do I use Invite Links to join FACEIT tournaments?

Effortlessly register for an upcoming tournament using our new invite links. 

Using the website

  1. First, The captain selects to join the tournament

  2. Next, select “Invite” your teammates

  3. You can add a full premade team you previously made with your friends or copy a link.

  4. If you use an invite link, copy it before sending it to your friends, post it on your social media channels, or share it however, you like to get the required number of players for that tournament.
  5. When you have the minimum number of players, you are ready to participate and can check in on the tournament page once it opens

  6. The captain can still use “manage team” to replace players before the event begins.

Using the Mobile App

First, go to your desired game and find a tournament you want to play in.


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