How does the move-up and move-down process work?

Move ups


Region Division To ECL To Advanced To Main To Intermediate
North America Advanced 1st       
  Main   1st - 8th    
  Intermediate    1st 2nd - 16th  
  Open   1st 2nd - 8th 9th - 64th
Europe Advanced 1st      
  Main   1st - 8th    
  Intermediate   1st 2nd - 16th  
  Open   1st 2nd - 16th 17th 128th
South America Open 1st      
Asia-Pacific Open 1st      
Australia Open 1st      
South Africa Open        


Move downs

 ESL Challenger League:

  • Move-ups and move-downs to the ESL Challenger League division will be done through a relegation tournament the format of which will be announced before each season has begun.

Move downs in Intermediate, Main, and Advanced:

  • For the current season, in EU/NA Intermediate, Main, and NA Advanced, teams with less than 4 wins will be moved down at the end of the season to the division directly below, ie Advanced will demote to Main, Main to Intermediate, and Intermediate to Open.

  • In the European Advanced division, teams with fewer than 5 wins will be relegated as we aim to reduce the number of teams in the division to retain its competitive standard

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