How do teams schedule in the ESL Challenger League?

The NA and Asia-Pacific ECL divisions have a new scheduling process which seeks to improve a number of historic areas. With the ECL attracting widespread attention due to the high-calibre of teams, significant prize money and road to the ESL Pro League we have added a number of additional rules to make the league as easy as possible to follow.

Teams will submit any preferences they would like to see accommodated for us to provide an initial schedule. Teams should refer to the instructions issued by their division's administration ahead of any season or actively reach out if they are unsure on how to proceed.

Teams are allowed one wildcard per regular season. Teams may play a wildcard on a match up to 48 hours before the match in order to reschedule it. Teams may play a wildcard by posting on the match page, agreeing on a new date with their opponent and contacting a staff member about the match. Note that teams may not use a wildcard in the final week of the season as those matches can not be rescheduled. 

Teams should not use the website or reach out to their opponents to try and reschedule matches. If a game is not played at the scheduled time then it shall be randomly forfeit. 



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