How do I claim a cash prize such as a League or Cash Cup prize?

Congratulations on your recent cash prize! Whether you have won a cash prize in a one-time event or the ESEA League the process is exactly the same.

 First, please make sure that the email address attached to your ESEA account is accessible since when you are able to withdraw then instructions will be sent there. You can change the email address attached to your account here.

If you are going to receive money for your team then please open a support ticket here stating the prize breakdown for your team and the competition ALSO be sure to include the actual or event name or league season in the ticket subject.

For example:
“Competition: ESEA League Season 36

Aluminati 20%
madtoad 20%
sLi 20%
el_jack0 20%

We can make the payment to one person OR organization OR multiple people. It is up to your team to decide and indicate in their tickets. However, we would advise each player completes the process and have ESEA split the money between players rather than relying on a single member of the team to receive everything and then distribute.

You need to verify your account if you have not done so already. If you do not have access to the verification tab or it tells you that it is “not required” then please let us know in your support ticket and request that we enable that for you.

Please note that if you are under 16 then you should have your parent/guardian fill this in for you using their own information and photographs. To be clear: if you are under 16 you should not fill this out with your information or your photograph as you are under the age of majority. Your parent/guardian submits it with their information and their photograph. A full guide to this process is available here.

Payments are grouped into larger batches that are processed each week. There is a slight wait period for team competitions before you are added to a batch. This is to allow players to dispute the breakdown by other team members to prevent a single member claiming everything before the other members of the team have had their say.

Once that processing period is over then you will then receive an email from to claim the amount that you have submitted. We aim for less than 45 days since submission of verification and prize breakdown.

If you have not done so already this calendar year, you may need to answer a questionnaire on Matcherino which will identify your tax status. Once that is finished you will be able to instantly withdraw to PayPal, request a bank transfer, or you can work with Matcherino to identify an alternative local payment method for your country.

 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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