What are FACEIT Points and what can you spend them on?

What are FACEIT Points?

FACEIT Points are our platform’s online currency that players can win through a variety of methods in order to earn rewards. 

What do FACEIT Points do?

Players can spend their Points in the FACEIT shop on in-game items, physical hardware, digital codes, and more! They can also be used to donate to help support your favourite clans and organisers

How do you get FACEIT Points?

Depending on the game, players can unlock FACEIT Points in a variety of ways such as:

  • Through our daily tournaments
  • Completing missions on our platform
  • Placing well in matchmaking ladders 
  • Playing in FACEIT hubs
  • Competing with their clan, eg in the Community Clash
  • Inviting their friends to FACEIT
  • Watching tournaments which have FACEIT drops enabled
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