How to setup Join Screening on a tournament

Join screening lives in tournaments Settings page. 


Using wizard to setup steps

As an organizer you can set up any number of steps from different types that are supported. Please be mindful of how many steps are added to the screening as this heavily impacts the user experience. We would recommend to setup up to 3 steps maximum so that people also can complete this in a reasonable timeframe. 

To add a step click on add step dropdown and select the type of step that you want to add.

There are 2 major step types:

  • Text Step
  • Platform registration

Text Step


Can be used to:

  • show text, and images (GIFs are supported too) to the participants
  • gather any consent (confirmation) that certain action was done or participants agree to a certain policy or rule

Both Title and Description have full markdown support. Which allows you to be very flexible with formatting, add images (also with links), and GIFs. HTML tags and embeds are not supported at this time. So if you want to include a video, please put a link to it to the external service.

In case you don't want your participant to consent to anything in the given step - just leave the Consent field blank and make sure that Required by all participants are unmarked.


If you do want to gather confirmation or consent, you can fill in the Consent field and mark required by all participants. Markdown is fully supported here too.


When all the steps are added to the screening tab, you can also Preview how screening is going to look like once it's published. Plus you can change the order or edit the steps any time until screening is published.




Platform registration

This is a special step that allows an organizer to ask participants to connect to any external platform that is supported on FACEIT.


Once setup for the step is done, participants would see a usual popup to connect to a 3rd party service (Twitch on the example below):


At the moment this step is only available by request. If you want to try it out - please fill out the form.

Publishing your screening

Once all steps are set, you would be ready to Publish.

Publishing your screening makes it visible to all participants that joined the tournament. Remember that once screening is published, steps can't be edited anymore. In order to edit steps, un-publish screening.


Note: Once screening is re-published all participants will be notified that the organizer has changed screening steps and they have to complete it again.


How participant's removal works

1. For the tournament with check-in enabled, all the participants who have not completed screening will be removed from the tournament once sign-up is closed.

2. For tournaments with no check-in, participants would be removed, when signup closes as well.

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