What is Join Screening and how does it work

Often competition organizers require additional information in order to run an event or need a way to communicate an important topic to the players. It can be very cumbersome for organizers to ask about everything necessary in a very clear form and in one place. For participants, well, they have to go through any of the extra requirements off the platform, complete and then come back. Join screening is built in order to solve that.

Join screening allows organizers to pre-screen participants in their tournaments based on a pre-defined set of steps.

Note: This feature is supported on all platforms: web, iOS, Android as well as on desktop client.


Participants must complete mandatory steps before they can participate in a competition, otherwise, they will be removed from the tournament once signups are closed. The example below showcases two steps, one optional and one mandatory.


Once you open the first optional step it should look like this:


Once both steps are done


If you've completed screening, you would no longer see a message about step completion and you also should see a tick confirming that screening is done for you in the roster area.


Important: Every participant must complete all mandatory screening steps. If you're organizing a team in order to play in a tournament, all of the team members have to complete the join screening (including substitutes and coaches).

In modal with the join screening steps, all steps are mandatory unless they are marked as optional.

How to complete screening in 1v1 tournaments


1. Click the Join Tournament button. At this point, if you pass all other requirements (skill, country limitations, having the game added, etc.), you would join a tournament.

2. If you do not pass any of the requirements, like having a game added on FACEIT - please fulfill them

3. Once done you would see yourself joining the tournament and should see a notification that says "You must complete a few more steps before you can join the tournament"

4. Click Complete

5. Go through all mandatory steps (ones that don't say optional) one by one and complete them

6. Once done make sure to click Finish in order to complete the screening completion

7. That's it!

How to complete screening in team/party/solo tournaments

1. Click the Join Tournament button

2. Select how you want to join: Team, Party, or Solo

3. After you've joined everyone in your tournament team would see: "You must complete a few more steps before you can join the tournament" 

4. All new participants who are added to the team inside a tournament will get a notification saying that they need to complete the screening

5. Each of your team members (including party or party made of solo players) will have to complete the screening in order to play. For a pre-made team that will include subs and coaches

6. If one of the people on the team doesn't complete the screening, then everyone else on the team would see a notification about this

7. Keep tabs on the roster sidebar to see who still needs to complete the screening on your team as well

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