Join Screening FAQ


Q: Is it possible to add screening to finished events?

It’s not possible, as participants need to complete the screening before and in some cases during events.

Q: What would happen to participants who are added to a tournament with join screening after the tournament has started?

They would not be able to complete the screening as screening would be locked at that point. Any screening for such participants would have to be completed manually.

Q: Does screening have to be completed for substitutes and coaches?

Yes, screening has to be completed for both subs and coaches.

Q: If a player joined a tournament with join screening, completed the screening, and left afterward. Do they have to redo screening steps if they join back again?

Yes, at the moment all screening progress is reset once you leave the tournament.

Q. What if one player fails to do the screening on my team?

If one or more person fails to do the screening the team is removed from the event when the check-in time has expired.

Q. Can Join Screening be enabled for the tournament that already has teams or players signed up?

Sure. You can add screening, setup steps and publish at any moment before signups have started or closed.

Q. Is Platform Registration step available to everyone who has access to the Join Screening?

No. Platform Registration with all the platforms supported is available by request. If you want to try it out - please fill out this form and we will get back to you.


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