Krunker ranked missions

What are Missions?

Missions on FACEIT are a great way to earn FACEIT points which can be spent in the FACEIT Krunker shop. We offer awesome unique Krunker skins that are exclusive and unique to each Krunker ranked season! 


Please note - you need to complete all missions to receive the top prize.

How do I start playing missions?

Go to your missions tab, click the campaign you want to select a mission from, then press ‘Select’ on the mission you wish to participate in first. 

The text should then change to ‘Active’ on the selected mission if done correctly. You may change to another mission by pressing ‘Change’.

Daily missions

Daily missions are available for all users (free and premium) to participate in. Premium users will receive a special premium daily mission with a higher reward than the others.

Monthly missions

These missions with bigger objectives and even bigger rewards, are available to all premium users every month. They must be redeemed before 12:00 am GMT (midnight) at the end of each month.

Redeeming my completed mission

Please ensure once you’ve completed a mission, you go to your missions page and press ‘claim’ to receive your prize. The FACEIT points should shortly appear in your account.



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