How to report platform abuse

Platform abuse can take many forms on FACEIT but we encourage any users who find proof of platform abuse to report it immediately to us via submitting a ticket.

Platform abuse consists of but is not limited to boosting accounts by playing with an account of a lower elo than your main account and match-fixing in ladders to earn points or prizes.  

Choose the contact reason ‘Report Player/Boosting/Ladder/Platform Abuse’.


Paste the FACEIT profile link of the user you’re reporting.


Under ‘Reported Player’ enter the nicknames of the users you believe to be abusing.


In the section, ‘Description’, we require the following information:

  • Links to the profiles of all user/s you believe to be involved
  • Links to matches where the platform abuse occurred
  • Any other relevant information that can assist us with taking action

Attach any photos or videos you believe can help us. 

Once happy you’ve been as detailed as possible, press ‘Submit'.


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