How to qualify for FPL EU CSGO

The FACEIT Pro League (FPL) on FACEIT is the pinnacle league to prove yourself against the best players in your region. Read on to find out how to obtain a spot.


Instead of offering direct slots to FPL through FPLC leaderboards, we’ll start to rely on our FPL Mentors to scout the best promising FPLC players based on their performance, potential, communication and team play. 

We will give FPL invitations to a minimum of two players per month, which will be trialed for two weeks. If they perform well, we will extend their trial to 3 months. Once they pass the trial, they will become regular FPL members.

FPL Challenger Europe (FPLC EU)

Players can qualify to FPL Challenger Europe by placing in the top two of FPL Challenger Qualifier.

FPLC Qualifier

To obtain a spot in the FPLC Qualifier, you must finish in the top 100 of the Premium Master League for that month or place highly in one of our partnered hubs. 

The number of spots available in a hub will depend on the type of partnership they currently have with FACEIT, this can vary each month. 

Potential players must meet the following criteria with their FACEIT accounts:

  • A minimum of 3000 elo
  • On the day of the qualifier, the account must've been registered at least one year ago
  • One thousand games played on FACEIT (this does not include 1v1 matches)

An email will be sent to the address currently linked to your FACEIT account with a link to join the qualifier.

Our current partners at the time of writing this article offering spots in the FPLC Qualifier are as follows:

The qualifier is typically held on the second weekend of each month, but this can change depending on availability and scheduled events clashing, so it’s important to read the date in the email carefully. 

The qualifier lasts for two days (Saturday and Sunday), between 12:00-20:00 CEST/CET.

Premium Master League

The first step on your ladder to achieve greatness is obtaining a Premium or game subscription. Subscription packages offered range between 1- 12 months, with discounts applied for longer subscription periods.

You must also have over 2000 Elo (FACEIT Level 10) at the start of the month after your placement games. 

Once placed in a League, you will remain in it for the rest of the month, regardless of your current Elo. If you started the month at 2000+ Elo, you will need to ensure you finish the month at 2000+ if you wish to qualify for the Master League the following month.

You can find more information related to the leagues in our support article here:

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