Highlights changelog

Save your highlights locally

August 18, 2021

Since Highlights got released many of them went viral across the community, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve - put your best plays in the spotlight. In fact, we have over 350,000 highlights being created each month.

To allow the best highlights to shine even more, from September onwards we will be removing highlights that don't get over 100 views or 5 likes in the first 30 days since upload. This is the first step towards an enhanced highlights discovery experience.

You now are also able to save locally all your new and existing highlights, so you don't lose anything. You can find the options to download highlights from the videos tab on your profile. The download functionality is only available through the FACEIT client and you are only able to download your own videos. From the studio page, you will be able to open the saved videos folder and see how many videos you have saved and how much storage is in use.

Note: We're aware that some users are still facing issues with uploading their highlights and sound issues. We're working towards resolving both of these.

Manual highlights

May 28, 2021

By running our desktop app, players can use the Manual Clip feature to capture and save Highlights of their best game plays during a FACEIT match by simply pressing a hotkey of choice.

All Manual clips are shown in your personal gallery on the FACEIT app from where it is possible to edit, delete and publish all your video Highlights.

The system works similarly to other Video Clipping products. Our main goal with this feature is to provide an alternative solution to solve a historical pain point players have been experiencing by playing on FACEIT, related to some compatibility issues between our Anticheat app and some third party video clip tools (ShadowPlay especially).

Automated highlights

May 1, 2021

For Premium users, FACEIT Highlights features a further innovative Automatic Clip system that can automatically recognise, capture and save your best moments while you are playing a FACEIT match. While you focus on the game, this system will ensure that all your best plays will never be lost, all without requiring any manual action from you.

All the highlights automatically recorded can be managed by accessing your personal library on the FACEIT app.

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