PUBG Leagues on FACEIT

Leagues are a great way to track your progress, rank up, and win prizes.

With users split into different leagues depending on their perceived skill, leagues are a fantastic way to see how you match up against people of a similar level. 

How do I gain access to Leagues?

To access leagues you will need to purchase either a game subscription or a premium subscription. This will then grant you access for the length of that subscription. 

Users must then play five placement games in squads and one in solo’s to determine which leagues they’re placed into. 


What leagues are available and how do I qualify?

After your placement games, the amount of Elo you have qualifies you for a specific league for the remainder of that month.

  • Master League: 2000+
  • Diamond League: 1850-1999
  • Gold League: 1500-1849
  • Silver League: 1100-1499
  • Bronze League: 100-1099


Once you've placed in a league, you’re in that league for the remainder of the month. It’s not possible to swap between Silver and Gold during the month for example.

You need to obtain a high enough Elo to qualify for a higher league before the start of the following month.

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