R6S hubs

Hubs on FACEIT allow users to join a Matchmaking community with different specifications to our usual free and premium queues. 

One example hub is the Rainbow 6 TMs (R6TM) which offers options for players from multiple regions varying by level.  Here players can compete for prizes while playing in an environment with a different ruleset. 

Furthermore, hubs like the R6TM have the advantage of being moderated by dedicated teams of admins. 


Hubs can also cater to a much more localized player base like the Blackrocks R6 Hub, which caters exclusively to Iranian players.

Joining a Hub on FACEIT 

If you are interested in joining a hub you can search for hubs using the FACEIT search function found at the top of the site. 

Once you have found a hub that interests you simply click subscribe!


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