CS:GO Missions

Over the years the missions system has undergone many changes, with an attempt to make them more engaging and dynamic. If you’re a little unsure of what missions are and how they work then you’ve come to the right place.

What are missions?

Missions are a way for users to win substantial rewards based on FACEIT points if certain requirements are met during the month. 


Typically based on winning matches, users must complete different tasks during the month to claim rewards to be spent in the FACEIT shop.

How do I gain access to missions?

FACEIT currently has two main types of missions: free and premium.

Free missions contain lesser rewards but are available for users without any subscription. Premium missions are only unlocked by users with an active premium subscription. 

It’s worth noting that game subscriptions do NOT unlock missions. 

How do missions work?

Go to your missions tab, select the campaign you want to select a mission from, then press ‘Select’ on the mission you wish to participate in first. 


The text should then change to ‘Active’ on the selected mission if done correctly. You may change to another mission by pressing ‘Change’.


It’s worth noting that only one mission per campaign may be active at a given time and you must complete all missions in the campaign to collect the highest reward. 

If you’ve selected one mission from multiple campaigns, matches won will count towards all of your active missions at the same time, across all campaigns.

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