How can I find a DOTA 2 team?

Finding people to play with is not only an integral part of climbing the ladders and achieving your full potential on FACEIT, it’s also a great way to have more fun.

If you’re feeling like you want to find like-minded and skilled individuals to share your FACEIT experience with, then head to the team's page on FACEIT to begin. 

On this page, you can view information about players who’ve already posted, invite people to your team and make your own team finder post. 


How do I make a post?

Simply press the ‘Create a post’ button on the right-hand side of the page to open a popup box with various options. 


Select a region: Select the region you want to play with others in

Competition type: The specific type of competition you are looking to participate in, from leagues to tournaments

Languages: Your main spoken language to make communicating with your new teammates easier

Which roles do you play: Select the type of roles you wish to play in your new team

Once you’re happy with your decisions, press ‘Submit Post’ to publish

Please note: Posts expire in 30 days unless edits are made 

How can I invite someone to my team?

You may invite people in one of two different ways. You may press ‘Invite to team’ to invite them directly, or you may click their name to open their profile.

 From this page, you can add them as a friend directly on FACEIT, or through third-party social media sites such as Twitter or Steam. 

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