Introduction to TF2 on FACEIT

TF2 is a recent venture for FACEIT currently operating in Europe and North America. 

With thousands of active players monthly, we are aiming to create an improved matchmaking experience that can cater to any TF2 player!  

The FACEIT TF2 Matchmaking Experience 

Currently, TF2 matchmaking on FACEIT is a 12V12 experience. 

However, we have upcoming plans to expand our service into supporting an ultra-casual experience and a competitive experience!



The largest issues facing the TF2 community on Valve servers are botting and cheating. 

Faceit boasts an industry-leading anti-cheat that has been keeping CS:GO servers cheat-free for years. Now, this same anti-cheat is being put to use improving the TF2 experience! 


FACEIT TF2 players can also upgrade their experience on the platform through our subscription service. 

The FACEIT Premium subscription offers loads of benefits! Perhaps the best perks include gaining access to FACEIT TF2 missions and TF2 exclusive leagues

The above options allow players to gain access to FACEIT points which can be used in our Shop!

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