Introduction to CS:GO on FACEIT

Spanning five regions (EU, NA, SA, SEA, Oceania), CS:GO on FACEIT has been an integral part of the platform since its inception in 2012. 

Featuring millions of players monthly, with hundreds of leagues, tournaments, hubs, ladders, and much more on offer, we believe any player from anywhere in the world can find something for them on our platform. 

The FACEIT matchmaking queue

We offer two main queues, a free queue and a premium one. The free queue is available in all regions for anyone without any type of subscription, with premium available in NA and EU only at this time. 

Both queues contain our state-of-the-art anti-cheat and 128 tick servers. 


There are no party size restrictions in the free queue, however, the premium queue contains a maximum party size of three. 

Users can only win ladder points in the premium queues in NA and EU.


Subscriptions are a great way to unlock additional features and prizes to enhance your FACEIT experience. We offer two types of FACEIT subs, game and premium subscriptions. 


Game subscriptions offer users the ability to compete in leagues and ladders, with premium subscriptions enabling all game sub benefits plus things such as missions, with full campaigns monthly and thousands of FACEIT points available.


Ladders, ranging from Bronze to Master in EU/NA and Silver to Master in SEA/OCE/SA are the main source of visible progression on our platform.

Resetting monthly, users compete against other players to win thousands of FACEIT points, league points, and Elo, with a potential to qualify for FACEIT Pro League on offer to the top 100 of the Master League.

Users need an active subscription in all regions except SEA to unlock monthly leagues. 



If you’re looking for a more tailored experience on the platform with close-knit communities you can join or create yourself then hubs are the perfect place to start.

Set up your leagues with prizes, chat and communicate with other members, make new friends, and create bonds built on shared interests. Hubs create communities separate from the main part of FACEIT, where users can tailor the experience to exactly what the hub members are looking for.

Certain hubs may require an additional subscription to gain access and this will be detailed on the main page of the hub. 



Missions are a reward system for users with subscriptions to win vast amounts of FACEIT points monthly via interactive campaigns. 

The revamped system enables us to create more diverse missions and campaigns, offering greater rewards and more engagement with our users.


Unlocked with a premium subscription, click on the missions tab and then one of the active campaigns to view your missions.


Select the mission you want to start with, track your progress in real-time, win rewards and spend them in our FACEIT shop.


On FACEIT we feature and host a wide variety of tournaments, from official qualifiers for Valve run events, to user ran tournaments between a few friends.  

Join with others or on your own and be matched with different players, meet new people, and make new friends. 


On the tournaments page you may see the active and upcoming events, whether they are free to join or not, the type of bracket, the prizes on offer, and the skill level required to participate. 

Select any you’re interested in, select whether you join as solo or not, and join the tournament. 


We believe CS:GO on FACEIT offers people from all parts of the world an engaging and fun experience for casual players and aspiring professionals. We’re delighted you’ve made it this far and we hope to see you in one of our games soon.

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