Highlights - Common Issues and Fixes

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Highlights on FACEIT allow users the capturing and uploading of video clips from matches played on our platform to be shared with friends in the form of posts. 

With the feature being a complicated procedure, bugs and issues may arise. Read on to find out how to fix some of the more common problems. 

I don’t see the highlights feature, what should I do?

Firstly, please ensure you have an active Premium subscription. This feature is currently being rolled out and at this time is not available to everyone. 

If you’re still having issues, please contact our Community Support team to resolve this for you.

My upload is stuck in an endless loop

If you’re on the latest version of the client and are still experiencing this issue, follow these steps: 

  • Press and hold the Windows key + R (or open ‘Run’)
  • Paste in the box ‘%APPDATA%/FACEIT/videos’
  • Delete the folder tilted with your current FACEIT nickname


My video has no sound - I can only hear my own microphone

Highlights use the default Windows device to record the audio for your videos. If your videos have no audio, you need to ensure the audio device selected inside CS:GO is the same as your Windows default device.

Navigate to the Control Panel, press ‘Sound’ and under playback make a note of your default audio device. 

Open your copy of CS:GO and go to ‘Settings’, ‘Audio’ and check ‘Audio Device’ is the same.



My video has thick black bars and seems low quality

If your videos are uploaded in poor quality with large black bars, despite setting your resolution to 1080p or similar, then your CS:GO and highlights resolutions are not compatible for an optimal clip.

For 1080p highlights, you’ll need a CS:GO resolution as close to 1920x1080 as possible. For a 720p highlight, you’re aiming for a 1280x720 CS:GO resolution.

If you’re unable to play CS:GO at a higher resolution, you’ll need to set the highlights resolution to 480p or lower to create a clip without black bars.


My video is blank

Blank videos can occur for a few reasons, please be patient and work your way through the following options to fix your issue.

  • Early Capture: It’s best to wait a few minutes before attempting to capture your video to ensure the recording process has completed. If you’re receiving blank videos, try delaying the capture for 2 minutes as this will increase the chances of a successful upload.
  • Video Interface: Blank videos can be caused by outdated Graphics card drivers or the use of an unsupported Graphics card. Please ensure you’re on the latest drivers before attempting to capture your clips.

Below are links to the support matrix for Nvidia/AMD chips:

Nvidia (https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new

AMD (https://www.amd.com/en/products/specifications/graphics).

If your graphics card is outdated, you will, unfortunately, be required to update to a newer model to make full use of our highlights feature. 

  • No remaining encoder threads: With users running multiple capture tools at once, GPUs have a limited number of threads available for capturing. If you’re using more than the amount your graphics card can handle, you may experience blank videos.

To fix this issue, please try disabling other capture programs such as OBS, Nvidia ShadowPlay, or Windows Game Bar and try again.

Find your graphics card here, then refer to the ‘Max # of concurrent sessions’ column in the table to see how many sessions your card supports.





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