What to do as a team captain in a CS:GO lobby

In the lobby

Team captains are chosen at random between team members with an active premium subscription, or all members if there are no premium players. 

Their job in the lobby is to obtain the optimal map and server location for the remainder of their team to have the best possible match.

Captains eliminate servers one at a time in the premium queue, followed by the same with maps until only one is left.

In the free queue, the optimal server location is assigned to the lobby automatically, meaning captains don’t need to vote on this.

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In the match

The first role of a captain is to pick their team's opening side after the conclusion of the knife round. They do this by typing into the chat: ‘!stay’ to start on the side they’re already on, or ‘!switch’, to change sides.

In tournament matches, captains must type ‘!ready’ before the match will begin, followed by the standard switch/stay explained previously.

If your server is experiencing server issues, either captain can contact live support to have one of our volunteers try and resolve the issue for you.

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