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Ranked League - TF2

Our Ranked League system allows you to rank up and down between Divisions and Tiers. Along the way, you'll be rewarded with FACEIT points. At the end of the season, everyone in Hale's Own wins the prizes listed on the leaderboard.

Divisions & Tiers

The League consists of the following Divisions:


Unremarkable, Notably Dangerous, Face Melting and Server Clearing divisions consist of 5 tiers each. We put everyone in Unremarkable to let you all get the ability to climb up the ranks and collect the rewards along the way.

Hale's Own League

Once reaching Hale's Own, you’ll be competing between players in that division on the leaderboard.


Players progress by collecting points in the League. The number of points is correlated to the overall performance of your winning and losing matches. 

Match leavers are counted as losers and will get a respective deduction of points. Leaving the match in Unremarkable and Notably Dangerous 5 divisions will score 0 points.

The point system looks like this:

new1.JPG new2.JPG

Players can get relegated from Server-Clearing divisions if they are at 0 points and lose 3 consecutive matches.


Each promotion unlocks a reward. Look for the tf24.JPG  in your progression bar on the Leagues page to reveal what rewards you have the opportunity to claim.

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