How do I connect to a TF2 match?

Step 1 - Navigate to the TF2 dashboard on FACEIT and select which maps you want to play

Step 2 - Press ‘’PLAY’’ to queue

Step 3 - Once queue pops, accept the match invitation

Step 4 - Once all players accept the match invitation, match page is created

Step 5 - Once captains ban/pick the maps, the server is created

Step 6 - Connect to the server

Step 7 - Once all players have connected to the server, the match will start.

Connecting to the server

Once the match room is created and server configuration is complete - you can join the server in 2 different ways:

Option 1: Connect by using the Play button

You will see a "PLAY" button appear below the teams in the middle of the page. Just click the play button and if you have the game running already it will connect you to the server. If you do not have the game running, start the game before pressing the "PLAY" button.

Option 2: Connect by using the IP

Just copy and paste the ip into your console in game and hit enter and you will be able to connect directly. This is the most efficient way to connect to a server without having connectivity issues which can be caused by using the 3rd party app "Play" button.

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