TF2 Private Beta

Created On by Jack

The Team Fortress 2 beta will run from 12th to 20th March on FACEIT. Be among the first ones to explore the new TF2 experience on FACEIT by following these steps:


1. Visit our TF2 registration page and connect your TF2 account on FACEIT to sign-up for private beta

2. Invite 10 friends to FACEIT to get in front of the row to receive the private beta access

3. We will send private beta invitations in waves, keep checking your email!

4. Once you get the private beta access, you will get 10 private beta invitations for your friends to invite         them directly to the beta

5. To play in private beta just navigate to the TF2 dashboard, select the maps you want to play and press        ''PLAY'' on the website

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