TF2 Missions

Missions are part of our prize system that helps to amplify your joy for a win or console you after a loss. No matter if winning a match is everything for you or if you play just for fun; Mission prizes will be there and every single match will be another step toward something else, maybe a new australium or a fancy new laptop in the FACEIT Shop.

Each player will be given several campaigns and each campaign will consist of 3-4 missions. As you complete missions within each campaign you will unlock FACEIT Points. 

For example in the image below, you will get ‘’The Saxton Hale Exam’’ campaign which has three missions: Kill 50 enemies, Kill 200 enemies, Kill 1,000 enemies. You can only complete one mission at a time in a single campaign and you need to select the one you want to work towards. For the first completed mission, you will receive 50 FACEIT Points, for the second completed mission 200 FACEIT Points and lastly, the third completed mission will give you 10000 FACEIT Points.


You can also start completing all your campaigns at the same time. While you can complete only one mission per campaign at the same time, your matches will count towards all your campaign missions. (E.g. In a single match, you can get some kills towards your kill mission, damage towards your damage missions heals towards your healing missions!)

How to spend FACEIT Points?

FACEIT Points are the currency used on the FACEIT Shop, and can be earned in a number of ways; Missions, Tournaments, Ladders, and more. We’ll get to these in further detail below. 

The FACEIT Shop is stocked full of both digital and physical items across a number of the games we support, but of course, we are here to talk about the Team Fortress 2 items you can purchase on the FACEIT Shop via the Points you earn. 

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