What happens if I leave a game or don’t connect to a TF2 game?

Ensuring users commit to matches and stay until the very end, despite potentially losing, is something we want to see happen in all TF2 games on the FACEIT platform.

As such, we’ve built a system to reward players for sticking with their team until the very end.

Ladders/ ranked league point system



I win a match

+10 points

I lose a match

+9 points

I left a match

+0 points


Ranked leagues

TBD - I will let you know

Automated cooldowns

On top of the ladder penalties, users shall also receive a cooldown preventing them from queueing again for a period of time. The length of the ban depends on the previous bans received over a 30 day rolling period. 

Detection Type

Minimum Ban Time Unit (minutes)

Not Accepting


Not Voting






Not Accepting

This is when you fail to accept a match that has been found while waiting in our queue system. 

AFK Cooldowns

All games on our platform have a five minute warmup period in-game for you to join the match. If you do not join the match, your account shall be issued an AFK cooldown.

Leaver Cooldowns

Leaver bans are given if you disconnect from a live ongoing match and fail to rejoin within the allotted five-minute span. If you rejoin in under five minutes your account will be fine.  

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