TPM 2.0 and UEFI requirements for VBS (Windows 10)

If your machine supports TPM 2.0 and UEFI, you should enable these features to use the Anti-cheat on Windows 10 while Virtualization-based security (VBS) is enabled.

How to check your current settings

TPM 2.0

  • Press the Windows key
  • Type tpm.msc and press Enter
  • In the TPM window, Status should be The TPM is ready for use and Specification Version: 2.0


  • Press the Windows key
  • Type msinfo32 and press Enter
  • In the System Information window, BIOS Mode value should be UEFI

How to update your settings

Please read the article from Microsoft about enabling TPM 2.0.

Switching BIOS Mode to UEFI mode will depend on your motherboard. Please check the information on your manufacturer website to find out how to do so.

If you can't update your settings

If your machine does not support these features, you can still run the Anti-cheat by disabling VBS:

  • Click Start and search for Command Prompt
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and then click Run as administrator.
  • If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.
  • Then type:
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
  • Click Start and search for Core Isolation, then open it
  • If Memory Integrity is on, toggle it off
  • Restart your computer

If none of these solutions  work for you, we would kindly ask you to get in touch with us via this link and our dedicated CS team will assist in getting you up and running: Contact Support

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