How do I join the Cisco League of Legends events

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How do I join the Cisco League of Legends events?


Step 1: Create a FACEIT account:

Head to https://www.faceit.com/en/signup and enter your email.


The tournaments are limited to users with @cisco.com email addresses. You can change your email here: https://www.faceit.com/en/settings/account or reach out to Clemens Huber at c.huber@faceit.com

Pick your FACEIT username and fill out the requested information:


Then head to https://www.faceit.com/en/register-game/lol_parent to connect your account and register League of Legends.


Step 2: Join the registration event on the Cisco LoL organizer page:

In order to participate, please join the respective regional event for your region in the Cisco League of Legends organizer page:


Click on the event for your region, then click the Join Now button on the top right.




After joining the tournament, you have registered to play the event. Once the signup phase is complete, we will create the teams based on the individual players skill level to ensure a fair and fun playing field.

Step 3: How to play League of Legends:

Once a match starts, you will see a matchroom on FACEIT, where there will be a LoL tournament code. Join the custom match with this code.

What is the tournament code?

The tournament code is a string of characters that if inserted in the LoL client will create your custom room. The room will be automatically created with the right game mode.

How should the tournament code be used?

The first step is to copy the tournament code under the match room on the FACEIT platform by clicking on "Copy Code".

Once you have copied the code, you need to open the League of Legends Client and login to your account. Here select Play Game --> Custom Game --> Tournament Code and paste the code in the right field.




Once you have pasted the code in the client, click on Join Game and you will be directed to the right room. Wait for all the players to join and start the game.

Who should have the blue side?

Sides are given according to the match room player/teams on left side of the room page must be on the left side in the room in game as well, and visa versa.

What shall we do if the tournament code gives an error?

If you get an error while inserting the tournament code on the client, you would need to manually create the custom room. To do so, go to custom games and pick Normal. In the next page, make sure you select the game mode and team size according to the rules attached to the quickmatches or tournament you are playing in. Once you have created the room, invite the team captain to join.


What happens if a player disconnects?
In the case of technical problems, or other delays, the teams can choose to pause the match until the issue is resolved.
If the problems require a restart of the match, please contact the match admin via the “call admin” button in the matchroom and they will assist you.

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