FAQ: Match Balance Indicator 

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FAQ: Match Balance Indicator


What is the Balance Indicator?

It displays information regarding the win probability of each team inside a match room on FACEIT, and therefore, acts as an indicator on how balanced your match is. For example a match where both teams have 50% win probability can be considered a perfectly balanced match where both teams have equal probability of winning.



How is the Balance indicator calculated?

The balance information and the win probability for each team are calculated by taking in consideration the ‘’Team Rating’’. (e.g. the higher team rating a team has, the stronger it is considered by the system) 


Is the Team Rating equal to the average Elo/Skill level of the teams?

No. The Team Rating is instead a score that is calculated by taking into account several characteristics of both teams and players. In particular, the current version of the Team rating takes into account: 

  • the skill level of the players for each team
  • the party composition of each team (whether a team is made by solo players or a full stack)
  • the number of matches played by the player (how matches each player has been playing on FACEIT until that moment)
  • the discrepancy of the skill level between players (whether within a team all players have similar skill level or if they have instead a skill level that is quite higher or lower compared to the others)


Why are the Balance Indicator and the Team Rating important?

When a match finishes, the update of the skill rating of each player is being calculated based on the win probability of each team to properly reflect the level of difficulty of the match for each team.

For example, if you win a match where your team is considered the favorite, your skill rating will increase by a lower amount compared to the case of a perfectly balanced match. This reverses in the case you win a match where your team is not favoured to win (your skill rating will be updated by a greater amount  compared to the case of a perfectly balanced match).

Balance indicator and team rating have been released as part of a major update to the  balancing system used by our matchmaking system. Here you read more about it in our official announcement: the redesigned FACEIT Matchmaking 


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