Halo 5 Series FAQ

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Halo 5 Series FAQ


How do I join FACEIT?
1. Create a FACEIT account( https://www.faceit.com/en/signup )

2. Link your Halo to your FACEIT account ( https://www.faceit.com/en/register-game )



3. Create a team and invite your teammates ( https://www.faceit.com/en/create-team )

In order to invite a teammate to your team, add them to your friends list on FACEIT.

4. Join the next Halo 5 Series competition ( https://www.faceit.com/en/organizers/20664c35-7e42-4c7b-a45b-8eb49c754557/Halo%205%20Series )


How do I get in touch with the admins?

There are 2 ways of getting in touch with the admin team to receive help or provide feedback:

Email leading up to, or after any event: haloevents@faceit.com

During ongoing events: Create a match ticket in the matchroom

I signed up to a tournament, how does the Check In work?

One (1) hour before the start of the competitions, all teams need to check in to the tournament to confirm their participation. 30 minutes before the start of the competition, the check in period will end and all teams that failed to check in will be removed from the tournament. At this time, all the spots in the tournament become available again for all teams to join and play.
All teams have to use the check in. If they fail the check in, they can sign back up to the event afterwards

How do I play the Halo match?
Once the tournament starts, visit your matchroom. There, you can talk to your opponents who will host the match inside the game.


Once you have an opponent's Gamertag go to your friends list and search for their profile and invite them to your lobby.


You can also add them to your friends list and they will appear here.



If you are hosting the match you can find the official map types and settings on Halo Waypoint which you can save for future matches.


If you require any further assistance in your match request for an admin and we will be with you asap.


Connect Twitch to FACEIT:

In order to show your stream automatically on the FACEIT platform, please link your Twitch.tv account to your FACEIT account:



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