Halo 5 Series FAQ

Halo 5 Series & Halo MCC FAQ

1) Account registration

1. Create a FACEIT account( https://www.faceit.com/en/signup )

2) Game registration

2. Link your Halo to your FACEIT account ( https://www.faceit.com/en/register-game )


3. Create a team and invite your teammates ( https://www.faceit.com/en/create-team )

In order to invite a teammate to your team, add them to your friend's list on FACEIT.

3) Prize-winning information

Winning teams will be contacted by FACEIT via email from our prize coordinator Samantha  (s.emery@faceit.com)

All teams and players that have won prize money in any Halo MCC or Halo 5 PRO Series competition will be contacted via email by the FACEIT team. Please ensure that the e-mail address you have on your FACEIT account is up to date by checking your FACEIT profile. This process can take a certain amount of time after each competition. After a team has been contacted by FACEIT, they will provide an invoice with their transaction details and FACEIT will schedule the payment. We are aiming to pay each team captain no later than 30 days after the submission of their full and correctly completed invoice.

FACEIT will pay the team captain directly for all winnings earned by each team going forward. Please arrange within your team to distribute the funds amongst yourselves. FACEIT will still be managing payments through invoices which will be issued to you after the conclusions of the event, multi-week events will be grouped together by month and specifics will be provided to you when you are sent your invoice.

Please make sure you have the email address haloevents@faceit.com in your inbox and in general any emails from the faceit.com domain marked as safe. Check your spam/junk folder on a regular basis to make sure you are not missing any important emails.

The prize money will be paid via bank transaction, this means we require the winning teams to provide us with bank account details on the invoice provided in order to process the payment. This requires information such as bank account number, IBAN/BIC, CLABE, or BSB, SWIFT, Bank and the person that owns the bank account. Please ensure that your bank account is able to accept international payments in US dollars, as some bank accounts have limitations.

If a Potential Winner cannot be contacted, does not respond, or fails to provide the required documentation within fourteen (14) days of the first notification attempt, the Potential Winner forfeits his or her eligibility to claim a prize.

PayPal is not an option.

4) Tournament registration

You can find all Halo 5 PRO Series competitions in the Halo 5 PRO Series organizer page: https://www.faceit.com/en/organizers/20664c35-7e42-4c7b-a45b-8eb49c754557/Halo%205%20

You can find all Halo MCC Series competitions in the Halo MCC Series organizer page:


In order to join a tournament, click “JOIN TOURNAMENT” on the top right of the tournament page:


After that, select your team you want to sign up, and the lineup that will play in the event.

5) Changing lineup BEFORE the start of Open Qualifier

In order to change the lineup of a team after joining a tournament, please use the “MANAGE TEAM” button on the top right of the tournament page:


After clicking “MANAGE TEAM”, click on “EDIT” and change the lineup as necessary.

After clicking “MANAGE TEAM”, click on “EDIT” and change the lineup as necessary.

6) Tournament Check-in

All Halo competitions that are open to sign-up (Halo MCC and Halo 5 Open) have a check-in phase before the events start. The check-in begins 1 hour before the event and ends 30 minutes before the event. During this time, each team has to confirm their participation by checking in on the top right of the tournament page. Teams that miss the check-in will be automatically removed from the event, and their spot will be open again. After the check-in phase ends, the signups open again and all teams can sign up again for the remaining spots before the event begins.

7) Seeding & Ranking

Each FACEIT profile has assigned an Elo. The elo is a measure which tries to represent a players skill level on FACEIT.

What is a Skill Level?

Each Skill Level is linked to an Elo interval. The players belonging to the same skill level are meant to have comparable skills and knowledge of the game.  In order to move to the next skill level, your Elo should be greater than the upper limit of the given interval.

The Skill Level is game-specific. The skill level begins at level 1 through to level 10.

How does the Elo move on FACEIT?

Your elo moves with every match that you play on FACEIT. If you win a match, your elo increases and if you lose a match, your elo decreases.

Which information does the Elo of a player take into account?

The elo takes into account several variables which try to mathematically represent in the most possible accurate way the correct skill of a player. After playing a match, your elo will move accordingly to the result of the match and the number of points you gain or lose will depend on the average elo of the two teams and a given set of in-game variables. 

Example: If Team A, whose average ELO is 1200, plays against Team B, whose average ELO is 1800, the ELO won/lost will differ depending on who the winning team is. 

In the case of Team A winning, they would win a significant amount of ELO, because based on the average teams ELO, their players are less likely to win. Team B would also lose a significant amount of ELO as they lost their match to a much weaker team.

In the case of Team B winning, they would win a lower value of ELO, as they were higher skilled players which were more likely to win the match.

Can I compare my elo with other players?

Yes, you can and it's easy to navigate to the rankings to see all the players and their ELO values - https://www.faceit.com/en/dashboard/rankings

Open Tournaments (MCC or Halo 5 Open): The teams are based on the average FACEIT ELO of the teams’ players. The FACEIT ELO is based on the previous performances of each player.

PRO / Championship events:

For teams qualified to PRO or Championship events, the seeding will be based on their placement in the tournament they qualified in:

For PRO / Championship events with 16 teams, the seeding works as follows:

#1: 1st place previous PRO

#2: 2nd place previous PRO

#3: 3rd-4th place previous PRO

#4: 3rd-4th place previous PRO

#5: 5th-8th place previous PRO

#6: 5th-8th place previous PRO

#7: 5th-8th place previous PRO

#8: 5th-8th place previous PRO

#9: 1st place previous Open

#10: 2nd place previous Open

#11: 3rd place previous Open

#12: 4th place previous Open

#13: 5th-8th place previous Open

#14: 5th-8th place previous Open

#15: 5th-8th place previous Open

#16: 5th-8th place previous Open

For PRO / Championship events with 8 teams, the seeding works as follows:

#1: 1st place previous PRO

#2: 2nd place previous PRO

#3: 3rd-4th place previous PRO

#4: 3rd-4th place previous PRO

#5: 1st place previous Open

#6: 2nd place previous Open

#7: 3rd place previous Open

#8: 4th place previous Open

In places where the exact placement is not played out, such as 3rd and 4th place in a PRO event, the average ELO of the teams will be used to break the tie.

7) Playing a match - once the match gets generated, players should go to matchroom and use matchroom chat to communicate

We required each team to use the matchroom chat to communicate with each other, and also our admin team. This helps us keep track of the state of the matches, but also lets our admin team be more efficient in resolving issues and helping the teams progress through the event.

Once the tournament starts, visit your matchroom. There, you can talk to your opponents who will host the match inside the game.

Once you have an opponent's Gamertag go to your friend's list and search for their profile and invite them to your lobby.

You can also add them to your friend's list and they will appear here.


If you are hosting the match you can find the official map types and settings on Halo Waypoint which you can save for future matches.

If you require any further assistance in your match request for an admin and we will be with you asap.

8) Resulting a match - how to result a match?

Once a match has been played, the captain should click on “Submit Score” and etc the result can be entered in the match room page. If there are any problems entering the result, just click the “CALL ADMIN” box and a tournament admin will assist you.

Step 1: Team 1 reports the score in the FACEIT matchroom
Step 2: Team 2 accepts the score (if it is correct).

In case a wrong score was submitted or there are any other issues, please use the “CALL ADMIN” button to get assistance.

We kindly ask all teams to submit and accept scores in all matches they play, so we can provide a smooth tournament experience to all players and teams!

9) Admin Support

For any issues or questions encountered during live matches, please use the “CALL ADMIN” button in the matchroom. We aim to provide efficient and fast support to all teams and players and this way allows us to identify the match and teams in question and help the fastest way. The “CALL ADMIN” button is the only way to get assistance during ongoing events.

For questions BEFORE an event, please email haloevents@faceit.com with your questions. Make sure to include any relevant information such as your FACEIT account, a link to the tournament you are referring to and a description of your issue/question.

Streamed matches: Certain matches in the Halo MCC and Halo 5 Series will be streamed by either community broadcasters or the official Halo broadcast. It is the team's obligation to work with the FACEIT admin staff and help them get the relevant observers/broadcasters into the matches. Failing to work with the FACEIT admins or broadcast teams will result in default losses.

FACEIT Halo Discord: The discord can be used for general inquiries about the Halo MCC and Halo 5 Series and to provide feedback or ask questions outside of the regular tournaments.
It is also used to communicate with teams during PRO and Championship tournaments.

10) Halo 5 Open Series - Qualifying - Teams that successfully qualify from an Open to a PRO event are required to do the following:

Every team has to submit their full roster and social media information before each pro event until the Thursday before the event, 18:00 GMT / 10:00 PDT. This is mandatory (meaning that even if there are no changes to the lineup, we still expect to receive an email confirming that) and not sending in the required information in time shall result in the team being removed from the tournament immediately. In order to remind teams about this step, every qualified team is being emailed by haloevents@faceit.com after they qualify. If there are any questions, teams and players can always reach out to haloevents@faceit.com to get assistance.

We consider the submission of this form as the team's acknowledgement of participation. Teams that do not send the form in time are considered to forfeit their participant slot and will be replaced.

Halo 5 Pro Series

11) Roster submission and substitutes info - teams that don't confirm lineups will be automatically considered to be using the players they qualified with.

Teams qualifying to the Pro/Championship event directly from the previous Pro/Championship need to inform FACEIT about any lineup changes by Thursday, 18:00 GMT / 10:00 PDT the week of the event. Failure to inform FACEIT about lineup changes would lock the previously used roster for the current event. Any changes after that would not be accepted, and any team with an ineligible roster will be replaced.

12) Player picture submission guidelines - how to properly take a picture and what is the best format for it

Every player that qualifies to a PRO or Championship event is asked to send a photo or portrait picture of themselves to haloevents@faceit.com, along with their FACEIT username + Gamertag. We use these photos to build content for broadcasts and social media.

In order to ensure that you can be properly featured during the broadcast and on social media, please follow the instructions below when taking an image.

The photo should have the following features:

  • Clear in focus
  • In Color
  • Contain no other objects or people
  • Be taken against a plain light-coloured background
  • Be in clear contrast to the background
  • Not have ‘red eye’

Example image:


13) Explain format and player requirements

Open tournaments:
Open tournaments such as Halo 5 Open or Halo 3 MCC tournaments are being played in a single-elimination bracket. The teams are seeded based off of the FACEIT ELO of each player in the team, which is based on their performances in previous events. Open tournaments have a check in-phase (See Point 4)

We suggest that teams are available 1 hour before the start of each event, so they can prepare for the check-in, log in to FACEIT and get ready to play. The matches will be played back to back, which means the next match can be started as soon as the matchup is available on the FACEIT platform.

14) Penalties for: missing deadlines, delays etc

Missing roster submission deadline ( Thursday 18:00 GMT (TIMEZONER CONVERTER) before upcoming PRO / Championship event): Removal from the upcoming tournament

Submitting an ineligible roster: FACEIT team will point out and help to resolve the roster issue. If the roster is submitted too late, the team either has to play with the original roster they qualified with, or will be removed.


15) Connect Twitch to FACEIT:

In order to show your stream automatically on the FACEIT platform, please link your Twitch.tv account to your FACEIT account:




16) Stay up to date with Halo news on FACEIT

To receive the latest updates about Halo competitions, prizes and news on FACEIT, go to https://www.faceit.com/en/settings/notifications and enable the “general newsletter” and “offers and promotions” checkboxes.


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