How does FACEIT Anti-cheat work?

Created On by FACEIT Support

We won’t go into the specifics of how the client works, but in general we can say that we decided to approach it in two ways:

1) By relying on client-side detections that are typical of today's client-side anti-cheats, we aim to improve our players’ game-to-game experience and add another layer of protection to FACEIT. .

2) We have built the client using an integrated approach by combining all information we gather from different sources (i.e. the client anti-cheat, the server side anti-cheat, the FBI system, etc.). This means our Data Science team can process and analyse all this data in real-time to keep improving and automating cheating detections. This is a long-term effort which we believe will eventually lead to detections that would not be possible with an approach limited to client-side detections.


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