Valid & verified email join requirement

Joining certain tournaments may require all players and substitutes to verify their email address or also set a valid email address specified by the tournament organizer.

Does a coach/substitute require a valid/verified email address?

Coaches are exempt from requiring an email address. Substitutes also require to set a valid/verified email address.

How do I update my FACEIT email to a valid email address?

  1. Navigate to the “Your account” section on the top right corner menu”unnamed__1_.png
  2. Find the “Email” setting and click “Edit”.
  3. Enter your new email address and confirm your password.
  4. Confirm and log into your account again.
  5. Click the “VERIFY” button on the page banner.


I update my email address. Why can I still not join?

The tournament organizer specifies the list of valid email addresses. Check the tournament rules page and overview description for a list of allowed email address domains.

The tournament organizer may have left contact information to request additional domain addresses to be added.

How do I enable the verified/valid email address setting for my tournament?


Tournament organizers that received access to this feature can enable verified and email address domain validation from the Tournament settings > Tournament Details > Join requirements.

Are Subdomains Supported?

Both, root-level domains (“”) and subdomains are supported (“”) are supported. 

Adding a root-level domain allows players with an email address containing any subdomain to join the tournament. 

Adding a root-level domain will delete all related subdomains from the list.

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