When and how I will receive my cash prize?

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Cash prizes will be deposited to your FACEIT card no later than the 21st of the month, following the month in which the prize was won. (i.e., if you won in Jan, then it will be allocated before Feb 21st)

To receive the prize, the winner (after he is contacted by the agency by e-mail/ phone number) will need to supply to the address of the organizer (e-mail: visapromo@progressiongroup.ru) during 5 (five) business days the following information:

  • First name, middle name, last name
  • Physical address with an index
  • Contact phone number with city code
  • Russian citizen passport data or any other document verifying the identity of the winner (including the number, date of issuance and the governmental entity with the departmental code which issued the document)
  • Date of birth, address of registration with a mailing index, copies of passport pages #2 and #3 with a registration mark of residency
  • Individual tax number, copy of the document, certifying the participant’s registration as a taxpayer in Russian federation

The organizer will get in touch with the winner by the end of the month, in which the winning occurred.

The necessity of providing the indicated data depends on the amount of the prize amount won.

If the overall prize amount is below 4000 (four thousand) rubles, it will just be deposited to the winner’s card. If the sum is above 4000 (four thousand) rubles, then the Organizer needs to be sent the above information in connection with the requirements of Russian Federation tax code. More details below:

  • If the amount of the first prize, handed to the winner, exceeds 4000 (four thousand) rubles and 00 kopeek, the winner must pay the tax for individual income from the prize cost, exceeding 4000 (four thousand) rubles, at the rate of 35% based on Russian Federation tax code.
  • In case of second prize reception, for the purpose of calculation of tax owed for individuals, the full amount for the second prize is considered, since the income from marketing campaign participation in the amount of 4000 (four thousand) rubles is applicable for a tax exclusion only once within a year period.
  • Upon allocation of the prize, the Organizer is performing the duties of a tax agent, and pays the tax for individual income, withholding it from the prize amount, in order to disburse it into the budget of the corresponding level, as tasked by the winner (receiver of income).


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