What is justice?

Getting Started

FACEIT Justice was born from the idea of directly involving our community in understanding, detecting and punishing toxic and abusive behaviours that could happen while playing on FACEIT. 

What is FACEIT Justice?

FACEIT Justice is a portal where qualified and experienced members of the FACEIT Community (Judges) can review cases of potential negative behaviours and directly contribute to sentencing a final verdict for each of those cases.

How does FACEIT Justice work?

In order to become a Judge, players can apply directly at justice.faceit.com.

Once invited, Judges can access the portal on justice.faceit.com by using their FACEIT credentials

Through the portal, Judges can access and evaluate each case by reviewing clips of the match the case is associated with (the clip length can vary, but is usually under 6 minutes)

Judges select the verdict for the case.

If enough Judges collectively agree on a specific verdict, the case can be sentenced with either a negative or positive outcome and different types of actions such as warning or bans can follow accordingly. 


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