Judging a case

How do I access my cases?

Once accepted as a Judge, you can find your cases at justice.faceit.com

Just hit "BEGIN" and you will be taken to your first case to review.


How do I submit a verdict on a case?

Once you have finished reviewing the clip, you can submit your verdict by selecting one or multiple offences among the ones presented from a list.

 In case you think that the suspect has not committed any of the offences listed, you can choose “None of the above behaviours” and move on to the next case.

 If you believe you cannot judge the case, please click on “UNABLE TO JUDGE” and select the most accurate reason from the list.


What evidence is available to judges?

Judges are presented with a replay of a specific segment from an accused player’s match. A judge’s task is to determine whether or not that player has committed any degree of negative behaviour during that replay.

In the segment, the suspect is referred to as “The Suspect” and the other players’ names have been replaced with random words to protect their identity. Full audio of the match, as well as voice communication between the suspect and their team, is available on the video.

The Judge is expected to make a determination solely based on the actions of the suspect and the behaviour of other players shouldn’t affect the decision.


None of the offences I can choose from applies to this case. What should I do?

If you believe that the suspect did not commit any of the listed offences, please choose “None of the above behaviours” and then click on “SUBMIT VERDICT”. 

In the event, you feel like your judgement abilities are compromised (e.g. the suspect speaks a foreign language), please choose “UNABLE TO JUDGE” and select the best option. Note that when selecting “other”, you will be asked to write a comment to explain why you are unable to judge, as it is useful for us to analyse these responses to create better clips. Make sure to be as detailed as possible and specify which verdict reason you feel should be added as it would better classify this case.

Which criteria should I use to choose an offence?

When choosing an offence (ticking one of the boxes), always refer to the clip you have just seen and think if any of the reasons describes behaviour that occurred. You should select all the offences that apply, and when judging, do not consider if the person should be bannable for that offence alone. The suspect might be appearing in multiple clips at the same time and all of them will contribute to quantify the punishment.

The suspect is being abusive in response to another players’ toxic action, how should I judge them?

We would like to ask all the Judges to focus on and judge objectively the suspect’s negative behaviour.

There is no excuse for responding to negative behaviour with negative behaviour and we advise all Judges to remain focused on giving a verdict for the suspect's behaviour.

Can I report a player that is not the current suspect?

When judging a clip, you should focus on the suspect alone and decide whether they are guilty of any negative behaviours.

If another player in the clip is being abusive or negative, other judges could already be assigned to their case and reviewing them as the suspect. 

How do I report a bugged clip?

You can report a bugged clip by clicking on the “Unable to judge” button, choosing the “faulty video or audio” option from the list and pressing “Submit reason” at the end.


How do I report if the suspect is speaking a foreign language?

If the suspect is speaking a foreign language and you suspect a case of verbal abuse, please choose “UNABLE TO JUDGE” and select “Foreign language” from the list of available options.

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