How do I become a Judge?

In order to become a Judge, players can apply directly at All applications will be screened by our team and the selection will be run keeping into consideration several factors such as: 

  • Number of matches played on FACEIT;
  • Recent activity on FACEIT (have you played recently? When was your last match?)
  • Accuracy of your past reports (are those reports being done at the right time and for the right reasons?);
  • Past history of bans and warnings;
  • Skill level.


If I am not a Judge, how can I help?

You can make a difference and punish negative behaviour by using the in-game reporting feature wisely. To help generate accurate reports, use the command as close as possible to when a potential negative behaviour happens and invite your teammates to do the same. This will help us create a meaningful clip to be shown to the Judges.

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