Being a judge

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How many cases can I judge every day?

There is no limit to how many verdicts you can make and how many negative behaviours you help get punished each day. Any Judge can make a difference by committing a little or a lot of time.

How many cases can I mark as “unable to judge” in a row?

You can mark as “unable to judge” as many cases as you need to and those cases will not have any impact on your score as a Judge.

How is my performance as a judge being evaluated?

Each Judge has a trust score that represents their ability to consistently and accurately review cases and make the right decisions. We are actively monitoring and checking the activity of every Judge and testing different scores and rankings, that we are planning to make public in the future for all the Judges in order to properly reward the best judges with rewards.

What happens when a case is closed?

For each charge, if the system determines that enough Judges have reached an agreement, then the case will be closed and all decisions rendered on the case will determine the final verdict.

If the verdicts from judges are overwhelmingly “None of the above behaviors”, the case will be resolved as a “non guilty verdict” and the Suspect will not be punished. If the verdicts agree on a specific offence, the case will be resolved with a “guilty verdict” and the appropriate next steps towards the Suspect, including punishments will be taken. If verdicts appear to be inconclusive, the case will be archived. 

Why can’t I judge someone for cheating?

FACEIT Justice has been created with the intent to identify, address and fight abusive and negative behaviors, like throwing, verbal abuse and griefing.

When a case is opened on Justice, it is because the Suspect has been reported for negative behavior and Judges are asked to assess that. If none of the negative behaviors in the list happened, then “None of the above behaviors” should be ticked and the verdict submitted.

Cheating reports submitted by players on faceit.com will still be reviewed and taken into consideration by our Anti-cheat system.

If I am not a Judge, how can I help?

You can make a difference and punish negative behaviour by using the in-game reporting feature wisely. To help generate accurate reports, use the command as close as possible to when a potential negative behavior happens and invite your teammates to do the same. This will help us create a meaningful clip to be shown to the Judges.

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