Setting up match configurations

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To edit these settings, navigate to the “Settings” tab on the main menu. Next, select the “Match configuration” section.


Got access? You need to have at least tournament Admin permission to edit these settings.

Selecting the game mode

All configurations below the game mode setting are based on the game mode you select. 



Match configurations

Some configurations may only be available for certain game modes. 

Some settings may be hidden under the “Advanced settings” tab at the bottom of the page.

You can edit the game mode even after the tournament has started.

Game mode changes will only affect matches that have not been generated

Configurations by round

The general configuration is used for all rounds unless you enable the “Edit settings by round” setting. 

To customize a round configuration, add the round and click “EDIT”.

Now you can configure the selected round (e.g. set a different map pool or set the final to a Best of 3). 

Make sure you save your changes before returning to the general configuration page.


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