Tournament status

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Nobody can join the tournament yet. Time to set the match configuration, sign up times and round times.

Sign ups automatically open at the date and time you specified.


Sign up 

Teams can now join the tournament.


Solo party queue

You can configure the queue for players that don’t have a full team to open and start matching players at scheduled times within the sign up period.


Check in

You can require the team captain to confirm participation just before the sign ups end. All team players receive an email the moment check in opens for a tournament. 

The check in clear time removes teams that didn’t check in from the tournament. Teams can still sign up until sign up closes.

Sign ups close automatically at the time specified.

The first tournament rounds are removed, if not enough teams showed up to play some of the rounds.



Depending on your configuration, this status may last minutes or days.

At this point no new teams can sign up. 

Now is the time to make final changes before matches are generated, including:

  • Review the teams that signed up
  • Change group seeding
  • Change the match configuration for rounds
  • Change the round times (required, if you want to ensure that some matches are played on specific days.

Tournaments launch automatically one minute before the first round starts.

You may choose to launch your tournament manually to give teams access to their match rooms before their match starts and to allow teams to reschedule their first round matches.

Match configuration changes will only impact matches that haven’t been generated yet.


Ongoing (started) 

All players receive a match ready mail an hour before each match.

When a tournament match begins, all players receive a notification pop up on FACEIT with a link to the match room.


Swiss system format only: Further round generation

Once all admin calls have been settled, manually generate the following round. As admin, navigate to the matches tab, select the next round and follow the instructions on the page.



FACEIT Point prizes are paid after a 24 hour period.


A tournament can be cancelled at any time. As senior admin or owner, cancel the tournament through the cancel option on bottom of the details settings. This action can’t be undone.


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