Phone number verification FAQ

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Why are we asking players to verify their phone numbers?

The overall aim of this system is to create a better environment for our players on FACEIT.

This new system has been introduced to aid us in detecting and reducing players with multiple/smurf accounts on the platform.


Why have I been asked to verify my phone number?

Players may be asked to verify their phone number if suspicious activity is detected on their account.

This system is being gradually rolled out to players across the platform


What if I do not verify my number when asked to?

If you do not verify your phone number when requested, you will be denied access to join our matchmaking queues and tournaments.


I am not receiving my verification code, what can I do?

First, please restart your phone, and then try verifying again.

If this persists, please submit a support ticket, including the name of your mobile provider, and your phone number.



Will FACEIT use my number for marketing purposes?

FACEIT will not be using your number for any such purposes, and no further changes to this could occur without your express consent to do so. For more information you can take a look at our privacy policy here: https://corporate.faceit.com/privacy/

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