How to verify your phone number/ FAQ


Head to your account settings page:


Select "Verify"


Select your Dial Code and enter your phone number, then hit "REQUEST CODE"


You should receive your SMS code immediately, however, on rare occasions, it may take up to 6 minutes to receive the SMS. Enter your code and hit "VERIFY ACCOUNT"

If you do not receive your SMS code, please restart your phone and try again.



I’m not receiving my code, what should I do?

  1. Check you’re entering the phone number and country code correctly
  2. Restart your phone and attempt to verify again
  3. Make sure you’re attempting to verify in Google Chrome and not the FACEIT client
  4. Ensure your phone is not in roaming mode

If the problem persists, please submit a ticket to our Community Support team.

It says my phone number is already in use, what can I do?

Please submit a support ticket as we will need to look into deactivating that account because of our multi-account policies

Can I remove a verified number?

It’s only possible to remove a verified number by deactivating the FACEIT account. Please contact a member of the support team for assistance with this.

Will my number be used for marketing purposes?

FACEIT doesn't use your number for marketing purposes. Your number can't be used for anything other than verifying your account. Feel free to read our privacy policy for more information: 

 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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